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Howdy all!

Firstly, I would like to apologise for the blatant neglect of this lil’ blog.

Secondly, if you are reading this, thankyou!! I will endeavor to stop being a lazy sh*t and actually post sometimes.

Now then;

Uni is back and scarily it has been for at least 5 weeks (we are in week 6 now), so WOW i have been very lazy with posting haven’t I.

So Exciting stuff!!! I am going to be travelling to Europe for a month in June to catch up with Sasha and pegs and travel around before returning with them. I am extremely excited and you will probably (if i can stop being lazy) see more about this in future. ATM i know I will be in Ireland for a week, I expect to hit Prague before this and I know we will hit Paris and Disneyland for Sasha’s B’Day ūüėÄ

Mowlon because its awesome - Courtesy of Engraved Paint

I am now an SR (senior resident-scholarship position) at UniGardens (ANU overflow¬†accommodation) which was all very sudden and unexpected. As you may know if you remember the distant past in my posts, I mentioned I was unsuccessful in my application, despite this I ended up being invited to do the training with Fenner anyway (yeah that f*cked with my head so badly). Part way through the week of training I¬†received an email asking to express interest in being an SR at UniGardens or Lynham Hall (other overflow) by 12 O’Clock the next day. Yet again massive mind mess as I was resigned to not being one and had to come to terms with leaving my Beloved Fenner for an unknown,¬†unestablished¬†place. ¬†I eventually managed to sort out my mind mess after driving to both places, talking to the acting head of Fenner and ice-cream on Mt Ainslie with the always delightful S6 (this year) SR. So here I am, although I miss everyone at Fenner, the community here is starting to kick-off and apart from some minor (pretty bad at the time but in hind-sight not so bad) issues, I have settled in nicely and am enjoying it ūüėÄ .

I am an active member of three ANU clubs, all of which are awesome ūüėÄ

  • HvZ – Some awesome removed because people and ANU are stupid, see here because i am too lazy to write about it myself. However I¬†currently¬†participating¬†in a game of amazingly messed up Forum Mafia through this club
  • XSA – The Cross-Disciplinary Students¬†Association is a newly established group with an awesome room more oft’ than not filled with awesome people to have debates and discussions with. They ran an awesome event call Journey to Tartarus Prime which is described here because I am lazy
  • N.U.T.S. – I was a member of this group last year but only joined more as something of a donation to an unfortunately flailing (stupid Uni) Drama department. It wasn’t until late into the year thanks to Grease that I actually took advantage of this membership to see some discounted productions. This year I have started off much more active, I have already seen one production with my theater-buddy Jan and her boyfriend. I also¬†attended¬†the Launch party, volunteered to help out with backstage-ness for their first production The Crucible (probably won’t be needed) and participated in the¬†Performances¬†of the 2Day play-write competition which prompted this post.

This is cool, I want One! - Courtesy of Engraved Paint

The 2Day Playwrite competition involved people being given Stimuli and within a 48hr period write a play using these stimuli. One of my friends got talked into writing one and I mentioned I was planning to be involved in the production part and she said she would write me a role. Yesterday rolled around and I had completely forgotten about the whole event until I got called and asked to come in by one of the N.U.T.S. exec. to be in two of the plays. After a couple of games while waiting for more people to turn up we split into groups with me volunteering to be in the group which had my friend’s play in it. The day was crazy, learning and blocking two plays in less than 6 hours (luckily we were still allowed scripts) before putting them on¬†in front¬†of a surprisingly large audience. It was a huge amount of fun and I would really like to thank Ellink for writing me a role in her play, It really means a lot to me, THANKYOU heaps!

Also I am taking drama this semester simply because i can and I am Loving it heaps!

Thats probably more than enough from me. Hopefully I will post again soon ūüėÄ


Out July 4 US, HA you are in Australia you can wait ’til December 21

My apologies to any loyal readers out there for the tardiness of this post, I have gone seriously into holiday mode which prevents me doing anything productive and unfortunately that includes this here blog. So without further delay…enjoy ūüėÄ

Rehearsals were a very large part of my life for a large portion of this year.

What with dance rehearsals Saturdays, Lines and Blocking + Group Singing on Sundays, One-on-One Singing training somewhere during the week, singing rehearsals with Doody and Jan on some other day, Random other line runs/dance runs with people, having grease songs stuck in my head and singing while walking alone to uni/down uni ave/on chairlifts while at unigames, as you can imagine life was pretty “Grease-y”

mmm greasy - Courtesy of Engraved Paint

Despite all the time and effort that was going into the show there where very few points where I even considered giving it up, I was simply loving life far too much. Spending huge amounts of time with the same people whether they are friends or not can get old pretty quickly and yet it never did. Everyone was amazing and even those with whom I didn’t see completely eye-to-eye with added to the whole group dynamic making what could easily become a tedious occasion enjoyable.

After all of the time spent rehearsing and the show itself, I learnt several skills/things about myself. I learnt to psyche myself up and put on a happy face even when I was in a bad mood, so as not to bring others down and make rehearsals run more smoothly, after a while I often found myself in a better mood anyway as I fed off the energy and moods of those around me (and it is surprisingly easy to fool your own emotions). I learnt that I am not tone deaf but simply untrained and that I can take a note from a person much easier than from a piano. I discovered my love for dance, not that crappy freestyle/clubbing crap but ballroom/partnered/choreographed stuff. I discovered that being on stage gives a similar rush to that of extreme sports and of course my love for the theater and the thrill of seeing someone perform.

It was during a dance rehearsal one¬†Saturday¬†night in which we started to learn swing. At this point I hadn’t discovered my love of it and all of those repressed memories of dancing during PE flooded back and so as you can imagine I wasn’t particularly thrilled by the idea. ¬†It wasn’t until half way through the rehearsal when our at the time stage everything guy was giving me (or at least I thought he was) crap about how happy I was during dance rehearsals that I realised ¬†I really was enjoying what we were doing. Our choreographer for that particular song (hand jive) works at a dance studio so I asked her about taking lessons and since then have taken both a beginners and an intermediate swing course which has been huge fun.

YAY swings are fun!!! - I found it on the google machine

After spending so much time together,¬†inevitably relationships changed, evolved and strengthened. It wasn’t uncommon for several of us to hang around after rehearsals and simply hang out till stupid hours or for me to take an¬†impromptu swing lesson and dance till stupid hours. I discovered teaching is quite rewarding and it is a brilliant feeling to see someone go from being completely stiff to enjoying themselves and getting into the “swing”¬†of things ūüėõ

Overall the huge amount of time which went into rehearsing was hugely rewarding (and fun) and hopefully the effort we put in showed when it got around to Showtime!

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Freedom and Work!?

This is a post about what I have been up to over the last couple of weeks.

WOW I just realised the first posting of this was basically the post-grease post and not completely off topic, so I have modified it slightly to cover this, WIN!!! ūüėÄ

Following the end of Grease as a subconscious¬†counter to the Post Production Depression (yes, I seriously believe this is a real thing) I was experiencing, I started getting Theater cravings. Acting on these cravings I have been to the see; The Double show-Flame/Love Child, The ANU performance of¬†Twelfth Night, a school production of Away and Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?.

Flame/Love Child was in my opinion quite boring. Both plays were only Two people interacting and were both written by Joanna Murray-Smith. Love Child was the better of the two but was still disappointing.

The ANU performance of William Shakespears: Twelfth Night was absolutely Fantastic. One of the reasons I went to see this show was the amount of people I knew in it, it was wonderful as I got to see them acting from the perspective of an audience member rather than a fellow cast member (some of them were in Grease). The show was very well done and was hilariously played out. The only downfall of the show was the Actor changes for the role of Olivia and Viola in the second act, I think it could have been done better if the actors alternated between the different shows instead.

The school production of Away was enjoyable. The main failing point was the very clunky scene changes under blackouts (after seeing this show I now realise why our grease directed insisted against blackouts) and general lighting issues i.e. not meeting cues (queues???) or being improperly positioned to where the characters were. That being said it was enjoyable and I think the young cast did a pretty good job.

Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf? was so good I saw it twice ūüôā This is a very thinky show and the set-up as a Thrust stage layout created a very intimate atmosphere with the scene as it was taking place, it¬†was¬†almost as though you were sitting with them in the same Lounge room (which is where the play is set). It was also nice to be back in the Courtyard Studio theatre which holds very strong memories for me.

Courtesy of Enfraved Paint

University- Although it is the reason I am in Canberra, interest and motivation was very, very, very low towards the end of Semester. Week 13 was insane with a group symposium on the Monday, Spanish Term Test on Tuesday, Spanish Oral Test on Wednesday, SR interview on Thursday (which was unsuccessful unfortunately) and an Exam on the Friday. Exam period was pretty laid back with an assessment piece due in on each of the first two fridays (5/11 & 12/11)and an exam on the 2nd Wednesday (10/11) which I missed because I stuffed up the dates (I thought it was on 19/11).

Following my unexpected finish to exams, I went out on the Saturday with some of the good old Grease cast for drinks at Kingos followed by Karaoke at PJs which was heaps of fun.

With Uni finished for the semster it was time to look for a Job to keep me entertained over summer so I polished up my resume and submitted it online to TEMPlar (Hospitality TEMP agency set in Belconnen) on the Sunday (21/11), got a call on the Monday to book an Interview on the Tuesday. The interview was basically to fill in paperwork and so I was employed ūüėÄ After this I hung out in Gill (Unilodge) and ended up playing board games till some ridiculous hour of the morning.

The next day I drove Sheila and myself to Belconnen to sign up for the Certificate 3 in Hospitality at work. While there Sheila got a text looking for people to work that night, as she was already working I asked if I could take the shift and Shiela rearranged her shift so we could start together. After some shopping and Lunch with Jan for uniforms, we headed to work.

My first shift was overwhelming, as soon as I arrived with very little idea what was happening I was thrown into the Great Hall at Parliament House to¬†serve drinks,¬†collect plates, pack up etc. for The Prime Minister’s¬†Science Awards. Highlight of the¬†night was being two steps away from Julia Gillard¬†ūüôā

On Thursday, I had the exam to replace the one I had missed  in the morning followed by a Training session at work and a very needed long nights sleep.

Friday I went to the FRC training couse (simply because I could not because I am on it) and then after lunch (free subway) went to Gill and hung out. Saturday started the same as Friday and following the free pizza lunch, I¬†went to¬†Nerf Wars where I was the OZ and managed to kill three people as it. After nerf wars, I went out to dinner with the always entertaining Vince Fontaine and his lovely wife Sandy as well as Lady Casino and our ex-director and ex-Musical director to the Turkish place on Barry Drive (nearish to northbourne), after dinner we headed beack to Vince and Sandy’s lovely loft for some blackbooks and the beginnings of an Australian culture crash course for Vince and Lady Casino with the Castle and Strictly Ballroon. Unfortunately I couldn’t hang around long, due to other arrangements – a Pokemon Card Booster Draft Tournament (nerdy I know but I enjoy it) at Unilodge¬†which ran till some ridiculous hour of the morning.

Courtesy of Engraved Paint

Sunday saw me drag myself out of bed and pack my computer away to head ino Uni for a Starcraft 2 tournament (Yep I’m a nerd deal with it). Following a huge amount of technical difficulties due to the wireless reception being crap and peoples desktops not having wireless capabilities we got started late with me borrowing a Laptop to play the first round against Anaitis and the second round against Daevilone, in both rounds I got owned. After this round my generous Laptop benefactor left leaving me without a useable computer. I eventually got my wireless working but hadn’t played Starcraft in so long the updates would have taken about a month to download so I had to pull out ūüė¶ I hung round and watched the tournament and then some other games when it was over. All in all a good day.

Last Night (22/11) I had a cocktail making course on as part of My Certificate 3 in Hospitality. It was heaps of fun and we got free pizza and got to drink the cocktails made in the course :D, as well as trying several different alcohols straight so we knew roughly what they tasted like

Since then I have had shifts at EPIC serving food and drinks, thoroughbred park pouring drinks and ActewAGL house (the place in civic with the glowy-colour changing spikes) where I was put in charge of Bar Service

WOW I didn’t realise how busy I have been, thanks for reading if you made it this far ūüôā¬†and if not ūüė¶

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Typecast!? Well maybe a little…

Sorry about how long it has taken to get this post up (should have been up on the 13th), Firefox kept freezing on me so I have retreated to the instability of IE.

Today i’m going to talk about the casting of the roles and how well I think their personalities suited the role.

I must admit i’m a little hesitant to write this post as it may be a little controversial/people may take my comments the wrong way. I have one thing to say in my defense, it is nothing personal and if you think I have you figured wrong think about it, then If I am still wrong either we haven’t spent enough time together or I simply have you figured wrong and as such we should hang out more.

Danny Zuko – The person cast in this role, I think fits the visual of the role very well and can definitely sing the part too. However personality wise the role does not suit him. He is a little too quiet and definitely not douchey/pushy enough to naturally fit the role.

Sandy Dumbrowski – Sandy is a split role between the innocent pure girl for most of the show and the tight/see though clothes wearing individual she becomes. I think the person cast in this role is somewhere between these two parts which makes her able to play both roles reasonably naturally. I think she played both roles well and certainly looked the part in the final scene.

Kenickie – the person cast in this role is very much typecast for the outward persona he displays. A little hesitant at first this person was cornered in the lifts and asked to play the role and told there would be no singing involved. Despite this lie with him having to sing “Greased Lightning” I think he rose to the challenge well and played the role quite naturally. Despite the outward persona he displays this person is great to talk to and has a lot more to him than meets the eye.

Betty Rizzo – Visually perfect, personality exact opposite. Rizzo is a tough, sarcastic and very outspoken individual, with a very cutting tongue which she lashes both friend and foe with. The person cast in the role played it so well that anyone watching on would assume it wasn’t a character at all but they are very wrong. She is the polar opposite, she is kind, caring and always willing to help those around her or have a chat and even though I saw it so many times her rendition of “There are worse things I could do” still nearly brought me to tears every time.

Sonny Tariq – Sonny is the kinda goofy “lady killer” of the gang. The guy cast in this role was a little typecast. He is a somewhat goofy but really awesome guy, who i wish I had spent more time with and will be sad to see graduate. I think the role suited him perfectly.

Marty – The person cast in this role is a Drama student and the polishing this has given her, shows through. In the other show I have seen her perform in (“Twelfth Night”) she was cast in a similarly vain “beauty” role to that of Marty though in different circumstances. I am uncertain as to whether there is typecasting¬† occurring, or whether it is experience allowing her to fit the roles so well.

Doody – Doody is the shyest, quietest T-Bird who mostly just goes with what the others are doing. I think the person cast in this role fitted the role quite well, he is a softly spoken, kind individual with a somewhat mischievous/cheeky streak which matches the role really well.

Frenchy – This role was played by two different people throughout the rehearsal period, both of the ladies who played this role had very different personalities and takes on the role.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Frenchy 1 – was typecast into the role, in my opinion she suited the role in both appearance and personality. I unfortunately didn’t get to know her very well, but think she played the role naturally.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Frenchy 2 – A late comer to cast she stepped up with her Drama/theater experience and quickly assumed the character of Frenchy. I think she is less typecast than Frenchy 1 and as such the role was not quite as natural. She played the role fantastically none the less and did an amazing job learning the role in a greatly reduced time frame and her experience/extra free time (she didn’t have uni on) assisted in this.

Jan – Jan was my counterpart in the show and we have become pretty close friends because of this. She has also become my “theater buddy” and is the one I drag along/am dragged along by to see shows. The person cast in this role is quite typecast, she has a fondness for cooking (and is quite good at it) and fine food which she shares with the role of Jan. She is also kind and willing to jump to the aid of friends whenever needed which are traits Jan also shares. Due to their similarities she was able to play the role very naturally.¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Fun fact: She actually doesn’t particularly like any of foods she ate on stage (Bananas, twinkies etc.) she hid this fact quite well don’t you think?

Roger ‚ÄúPutzie‚ÄĚ a.k.a. Rump – Me….Well what can I say? I did not realise how typecast into the role¬† I was until over half way through. I have a love of food although you wouldn’t think of it to look at me and I am a very sarcastic person, both of which fit the role perfectly. I had tremendous fun playing the role and the only part of the character I struggled with was the accent as the majority of the lines came entirely naturally as they were very much along the lines of what I would say in a similar situation.

Well there you go, a small insight into the people behind the roles. I apologise again for how long it took me to get this up, I was having issues with Firefox freezing every time I opened wordpress and have been generally busy.

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So you think you can Dance?

I must say auditions were one of the scariest things, I had done in a long time.

Putting myself out there is something which I am only now being able to do thanks to a lot of encouragement from a particular friend (who I shall refer to as Winston) who grabbed introverted little me at the start of last year and cracked me quite forcefully out of my shell and for which I am truly grateful. As well as winston’s encouragement there are a huge range of people and activities which have slowly made me the much more extroverted (still not hugely so) person that I am now and it is these sort of things I shall post about after I finish with grease.

Auditions consisted of two parts; an acting part and a singing part (which is the part which truly terrified ūüėĮ me).

The acting audition consisted of us turning up and being given a scene and one of the roles to play in that scene, then learning the role as quick as possible and with the others in the group blocking and performing it. As we didn’t have the actual script we simply “borrowed” some lines from the movie. The scenes we used were; Danny and Sandy on the beach, and the first day back at school from both the T-bird and pink Lady perspectives.

I think these scenes were a reasonably good choice considering we didn’t have the actual script and realised how different it was. The Danny and Sandy scene was perfect fro those auditioning for either role as the thought was that their relationship would be the primary focus of the script (It wasn’t really) and so both people needed to be comfortable with the intimate moments that would be needed. The other scene was a great way to test out the synergy (i love that word) between the people auditioning. It was a huge amount of fun and we got to try on each of the T-bird roles and see how it suited us/the director could see which ones matched our personalities (typecasting happens for a reason).

This post is getting quite long, so here is a picture for my science type friends out there (Courtesy of Engraved Paint)

hehehe :)And back to the post…

The singing audition was way more nerve wracking that the acting one. Where I find acting an almost natural thing to do, singing is not. Although I enjoy music and almost always have it on in my room during waking hours, i’ve never really had any experience when it comes to singing (I hardly ever sing along to songs even in the privacy of my own room) or playing music, so the idea of getting up and singing in front of people was frankly terrifying.

The song chosen for the audition was the first verse of You’re The One That I Want. We were given a couple of sing-throughs as a group to get to know the words and then we were on our own. During my audition I was really nervous and ended up getting tongue tied and screwing up the words (I mustn’t have sounded too great either).

Not long after, the cast lists were put up and… I didn’t get a leading role. As you can imagine I was quite upset and considered quitting there and then before calming down and remembering the huge amount of fun the musical was last year (A Bit of This and a Bit of That) and deciding not to be a drama queen and insist on a lead role (unlike someone who shall remain nameless).

It wasn’t long after that (I don’t even think rehearsals had begun), the person who had been cast as Roger pulled out and I was asked to take up the role (which I did very happily). Later I discovered that the director wanted me in the role in the first place but was out voted because I couldn’t sing (I showed them!!!). I’d like to thank my director who had faith in my abilities from the beginning.

Thanks for reading ūüėÄ

PS please tell me how the colours are/whether I can just leave the writing black and it won’t bother you because the background is quite difficult to find writing colours for

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John and Olivia were great but…

Hey all, welcome back

So this is my first post (second if you count the intro) about Grease. The focus of this post as you may well remember is an introduction to the Lead characters (Pink Ladies and Burger Palace Boys/T-Birds) and an explanation as to why the musical is far superior to the movie.

I was going to copy descriptions of the characters below however it made the post far too long, so I have linked the names of each couple to their descriptions on the Grease! by Fenner Hall website. I wrote these descriptions for the website based off the descriptions at the start of the script pieced together with bits and pieces from the rest of the script.

Danny Zuko & Sandy Dumbrowski

Kenickie & Betty Rizzo

Sonny Tariq & Marty

Roger “Putzie” a.k.a. Rump & Jan

Doody & Frenchy

Now to the fun part…

I am going to assume that anyone reading this has seen the film Grease, if you haven’t where have you been hiding your head? I went into this production thinking Grease, I love that movie and I am certain many who came to see the show were also thinking the same thing. However it didn’t take long after receiving the script and starting to rehearse to realise how different (and better) the musical is. It was also great to have people say after seeing the show WOW that was so different to what I was expecting.

Now we weren’t entirely loyal to the original script, ignoring the impractical and often stupid stage directions given and swapping the final scene with the song all choked up with a re-write containing the all together better song You’re the one that I want (<3 olivia and john). However apart from this small substitution the musical script is far better than that of the movie.

Now if you think back to the movie you will notice that it is very much the Danny and Sandy Show and the only other characters who get any development are Kenickie and Rizzo but even that is sparse at best. The musical is very very different in this respect as each of the couples and their relationships are developed and even given whole scenes and songs to develop them. For example the Relationship between Frency and Doody with Those Magic Changes and between Roger and Jan in the park scene and Mooning. This development continues throughout the whole script and truthfully in places eclipses the relationship between Sandy and Danny which honestly is the least interesting one in the script. This makes for an all around better show as it creates a more realistic atmosphere and lifelike characters than complete focus on the one couple does.

On top of the increased couple development, the relationships between the members of and within the Pink Ladies & Burger Palace Boys also sees an increase. The struggle between Roger and Doody for their places within the gang, the to and fro between Sandy and Rizzo and the sparks flying between Danny and Marty are just a couple of examples. This further character development adds to the realism of the high school setting, it deals with the need to face not only the person you like but their peers and the hierarchical struggles that teenagers face in day to day life.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the movie but if the same script was used on stage without the ability for cut scenes etc. the whole show would fall apart and would be a complete bore, it is only though the use of film techniques that the movie can even sustain itself.

Well I think that is enough for one post and I think anyone who saw the show will agree the characterisation and development of the characters and the inter-character relationships made for a much more interesting storyline than that of the movie script.

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How I Started My Blog

Kids, in the Fall of two thousand ten, I auditioned for a role in my College musical…

During this year, I discovered the American TV show How I Met Your Mother. While thinking about what to write for my blog the thought crossed my mind to write my blog in a similar vein to the show in which I would detail all of the events leading up to the Life changing event which led to me beginning this blog. However as entertaining as this idea was I decided it would take far too long and the afterglow and memories of this event would have faded by the time I made it to that point. So I decided not to wait and to write about it over the next couple of Posts.

So, as many of you may already know or have guessed from the start of this post the Life changing event which I have been talking about was my participation in the 2010 Fenner Hall Musical “Grease”. Some of you are probably wondering what was so special about this that, it has brought me to consider why I am, Who I am. I will get to that. However as Grease has been a huge part of my life for the past 6 and a half/7 months I am going to split it into parts and talk about it over several posts.

It will be split as such;

Wow thats a lot of parts :S I will endeavor to link the list above to its corresponding post and provide a link back here from them.

I hope you hang around to hear about it all and remember it was a huge part of my life for most of this year.

Hopefully I won’t get too distracted along the way.